We may just love musicals a bit too much but one of the best dates you can do is dinner..show…drinks. The triple threat.

You don’t have to be near the West End for this date to work though. Simply find your nearest theatre and see what West End shows are touring. There are plenty going round so no excuses. For those of you fortunate enough to be near the West End we have pulled together our recommended triple threat below.

The Dinner

First tip, give yourself plenty of time to find somewhere to eat. The worst thing to do is get there late, run out of time and jump in the nearest TGI Fridays.

Flat Iron: For an amazing meal that’s not too expensive and allows you to get out in time for a show try Flat Iron near Convent Garden. You wont’t reget it. The menu is mainly steak so don’t expect a range of options but it’s worth it. The only down side is that it is really popular and first come first served so expect a two hour waiting list if you dont give yourself time.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials: If you are looking for somewhere a bit classier and want to book ahead then Hawksmoor is another delicious option. Expensive? Yep but you have to expect to that when looking for quality restaurants in the middle of the West End.

Of course there are plenty of other great options. Just plan ahead and know where you are going. You dont want to end up looking for any old restaurant just because you can get in

The Show

There are plenty of amazing shows to choose from both on and off the West End so firstly work out what both of you will enjoy.  Tickets aren’t cheap so make sure you both enjoy yourself. If you do want it to be a suprise a top tip is stick to the big guns (Lion King, Wicked, Book of Mormon etc)

Do your research though, visit londontheatredirect.com to find out what’s on.

The Drink

So you’ve had some food, seen an awesome show and probably a bit tipsy. Well keep the date going and head to a bar nearby to finish off the night. There are plenty of bars around the West End but one our favourite is…

Archer Street : Not had enough live performances? Well head to Archer Street for a big singalong. Singing waiters dancing on tables gets everyone going and is a good end to an awesome date.


So there you have it the triple threat… Get your jazz hands at the ready and book a show!


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